Richard James Myburgh


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Facebook | Instagram | Cape Town, South Africa

Richard is an award winning independent Brand and Communication designer working in the field of fashion, art and objects. He has lived in London, Brussels and Antwerp and has studied both graphic and fashion design. Adamant about form with function (he says obsessive), Richard believes that all things should be both beautiful and relevant, welcoming any challenge where design can add value to life.

Richard graduated top of his Visual Communications class at the VUT (2003-2005).
He studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy in Belgium (2010-2011). 
In 2012 he was approached to lecture 2nd Year Communication Design at the Open Window School of Visual Communications. 
Richard then moved to Cape Town to curate and run a gallery space called Silo (2013) while working as a freelance designer.
Towards the end of 2014 he was asked by RADAR to join the team as Senior Designer & Art Director and worked there until he decided to head back into the field as an independent designer. 

Along the way, Richard has worked with everyone from large corporates to young start-ups and is always delighted interested in any collaboration that moves an idea from good to great. 

Recognition & Press
Sappi Think Ahead Awards
Loeries Finalist: Microsites
Loerie: Bronze - Visual Identity/Brand Identity
The Bookmark Awards: Bronze - Microsites
The Assegai Awards: Gold - Websites

Features: One Small Seed. 10 & 5. Lost at e minor.