Richard James Myburgh

Greyton Creative


Greyton Creative Arts Festival Identity

Greyton Creative is a colourful identity that I created with RADAR and the small town of Greyton. It is an ‘incomplete identity’ in the sense that it requires the community to finish the campaign. The ID uses a stencil-type logo system to encourage anyone to get involved. Each of the posters are custom-made by placing the die-cut poster over a second poster, then painted or sprayed with the lumo colour palette. The poster can then be customised further by drawing over it. This process allows for unlimited variants and ultimately a nation wide exhibition of the event. Each poster is individually numbered creating a series of unique posters customised by the community of Greyton.

More about Greyton Creative: The first Greyton Creative Arts began on in September 2015 and more than 50 local artists and crafters brightened the winter landscape in different ways. Imagine. A crafters market, exhibitions, workshops, pop-up street art, guided tours, talks, demonstrations and even movie nights. It was awesome and from then on, impossible to imagine never doing it again.