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Lorraine Loots

Branding, Poster & Books for 365 Paintings for Ants & 365 Postcards for Ants.
While her minuscule, detailed paintings are some no bigger than a thumb nail, there’s nothing small about Lorraine Loots’ talent. And with her new project, 365 Paintings for Ants, we get to see a bit of it every single day. 

The project started out as an idea Lorraine pitched at the end of a three month Business Acumen for Artists course at the UCT Graduate School for Business. She says, “I was the only person in a class of about 30 students that decided not to become a full-time artist after all, and this pitch was simply intended as a side project. To be honest, I never actually intended to go through with it, but when the judges came up to me after the pitch and started booking days, I began to think that maybe it was worth a shot.”

The subject matter in her miniatures pertains to any story/events of her day from pictures people post on Facebook to plastic dinosaurs to lunar landscapes. Lorraine also encourages suggestions, “I see it as a kind of an interactive project. I’m definitely not the tortured artist sitting in a corner expressing my emotions. I’m influenced by everything around me. - Salokya Nag,

Lorraine Loots, 365 Paintings for Ants, Retrospective Poster
2013 Retrospective Poster for Lorraine Loots and her project 365 Paintings for Ants. All 365 paintings are organized life-sized, on one print. Archival print on 235gsm acid-free paper. A0 (1189 x 841 mm). 

365 Paintings for Ants Catalogue
In 2013, Lorraine Loots painted one miniature painting every single day. All 365 paintings were sold, exhibited, and a 'Retrospective' print was released. The final step in completing the project was to finally print and release the beautiful hard-cover 'Retrospective' book, comprising all 365 miniature paintings, each printed on it’s own spacious page, expertly thread-sewn and bound with gold-foiling details and two ribbons to mark your favourite paintings.