Richard James Myburgh

- Umuzi Publishing


Cover design for John Hunt's novel The Space Between the Space Between.
Published by Umuzi in 2015.
"In some ways, it all begins with a very bad day for Jethro. In other ways, his bad day stretches back to the history of mankind. But for the purposes of practicality, let’s say this story is about Jethro ending up in therapy because of a broken nose and an ironed face. First, he’s attacked by an angry man who takes Jethro’s good intentions in the wrong way; then, he’s robbed in the middle of the night by two sadistic men who try to iron the truth out of him – literally – as to where he keeps his valuables. Jethro presented his assailants with a box of photos and other keepsakes, which only triggered their aggression. You see, Jethro’s a strangely sincere guy – a thinking, feeling anomaly in a world divided from itself. To him, mementoes are the most valuable items he could ever possess. Jethro’s well-meaning neighbour suggests he go to a pro-bono therapist for trauma counselling. And so a fascinating relationship develops between Dr Chatwin and our protagonist, tracing Jethro’s bond with his best friend, Sam, the loss of his girlfriend, Chloe, his encounters with the enigmatic little artist Matsotso Cecilia Dumisa, and why he ends up carrying a hat, a shoe and a painting around with him everywhere."